Chapter schedule

Hello everyone!

Thank you for the follows and support! I figured out some sort of rough posting schedule for the next few chapters. Since I posted today’s update, Chapter 2 (you may read it here!) on Ian’s birth date, I thought I could do the same for the next few as well! This will give me enough time to edit, but I also won’t be confused about when to post anymore.

So, the rough posting schedule for part 1 which I will try to keep is as follows:

July 21 (Julia’s birth date) – Chapter 3

August 5 (Chris’s birth date) – Chapter 4

September 15 (Daniel’s birth date) – Chapter 5. Maybe September will have a double update if I can manage it, since it’s quite a symbolic month in-world!

The next birth date after that is January 13 (Winter) but I will try to post all of part 1 before that. Then comes part 2 which will focus on Julia (and needs to be finished), and then part 3 which I have yet to fully finish. I will do my best to pace myself well enough so that there won’t be a long hiatus again. Book 2 is in the far future.

Meanwhile, you can find me on twitter , tumblr or by writing a comment here.

I do hope you will all keep supporting the novel! Thank you!



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