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Things look bleak for Christopher Hawks, a pretend human living at a boarding school in the Unfrozen – not only is Chris nearing the stresses of the end of his high school education, but last September he shattered the legendary sword of the kingdom of Northland, became the accidental heir to its Throne and is now being tracked down by the elite Hunters – all events being a result of a few unfortunate choices made in order to help a Witch named Winter (who, in turn, also received help from a Witch named Ian).

Now, Chris, following Winter’s lead and dragging along a few others with him, is on his way to (reluctantly) reach the current Queen and challenge her to a duel. But it seems that Winter is more than impatient – could there be a deadline to their mission? And why does everything seem a little too easy?

* * * * * * *

Please be aware that this work contains mentions of violence, death and mental instability or disability. If such themes bother you, proceed with caution.
You may find more information about the cast and species here, the setting here.

* * * * * * *

Book 1

Arc 1

Arc 2

  • Part 1 [December]
  1. Chapter 1 [November]
  2. Chapter 2 [Gates]
  3. Chapter 3 [The Frowning Man]
  4. Chapter 4 [The number five remains]
  5. Chapter 5 [White’s countryside mansion]
  6. Chapter 6 [The calculations of the stars]
  7. Chapter 7 [Arnold’s accusations]
  • Part 2 [Julia and Summer] 
  1. Chapter 8 [Julia]
  2. Chapter 9
  3. Chapter 10
  • Part 3

Book 2

Arc 3

  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  • Part 7

Arc 4 [Focusing on another character]


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