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Christopher “Chris” Hawks

The accidental “almost-King” of Northland. Hach. Brown messy hair, brown eyes. Keeper of one of the Seven Stones of the Kisow. Friendly and cheerful for the most part, though he can be hotheaded in certain situations. Claims to have taken on the journey for Winter.

Born August 5th.

Daniel Souza

Human, and Chris’s best friend. Dark hair and eyes. Tattoos imitating freckles on his cheeks. A good friend of Chris’s, detached, easygoing, a bit apathetic when it comes to feelings. He seems to just stick to Chris’s decisions without protest.

Born September 15th.

Julia Brown

Summer Witch. White hair (dyed pink, mostly), green eyes. Doesn’t like it when people tell her what to do. Bold and feisty. She seems to have no intention of staying in Northland…

Born July 21st.

Winter Volpe / Icetorm

A princess Witch. Black hair, blue eyes. A good leader, somewhat cold, doesn’t like letting her emotions guide her. Not cruel, despite her appearance. She’s determined to get Chris to the throne as soon as possible…

Born January 13th.

Christian “Ian” White (first name pronounced [kr-i-stiiyan])

Nobleman Witch, born in Northland. Dark brown hair, teal eyes. Prideful, somewhat controlling, prone to discrimination against Hacches and humans at first. He’s sworn loyalty to Winter.

Born June 23rd.

Arnold Rudolph

Probably human, from Whitelake. Red hair, blue eyes. Tends to stutter. Medic. Meek and loyal to a fault. He’s taken a great liking to Ian.

Born March 10th.

OTHER relevant characters


Nora Volpe

A werewolf owner of The Canary, and head of Winter’s foster family in the Unfrozen.

Adrian Settle

A private investigator hired to find Chris in the Unfrozen. Not much is known about him or who hired him…




(you may learn about the world setting itself here)


a magical species with pointy ears, blue/gray/teal eyes and the ability to control Ice Magic. Both f and m forms are referred to as Witch (capital letter). They originate from Northland alone, but are scattered across the Globe at present. Most Witches have Inuit features (like Winter), but some look germanic (like Ian).
In Aurorian, the word and spelling of the species is wíss  or wíssch (go here for more information).


half Witch, half human. Plural form is Hacches. They can have the appearance of any human and don’t have distinguishing features or specific location of origin.
In Aurorian, the word and spelling of the species is hasch (go here for more information).


Summer Witch

considered a mutation of a Witch, and it may happen when a human and a Witch have a child (instead of a Hach, the usual result). They have the power to produce heat and have white hair and green eyes. Summer Witches’ company is considered extremely bad luck in Northland, and many face discrimination as a result of this.
In Aurorian they are called grēnsezon magíss hīo (go here for more information).


white fur and typically golden, brown or blue eyes, and can change into a wolf at will. Their general appearance includes a large bone structure and broad shoulders. They usually tattoo on their right cheek a dot for the number child they are – for example, the second would have two dots, and so on. They mainly live in Northland, but can be found in the Unfrozen as well, typically around the N.C.C. and Siberia.


they are also referred to as the Stareaders. Scholars and scientists, came up with the concept of Psychologimagia. They are usually with dark red or black eyes and dark hair, their skin can be from light gray, ashen, to pitch black. Can transform into bats at will and are somewhat sensitive to sunlight. They live in Northland.

Dwarf – ?

Ice Carved – ?

Sidd – ?

Desert Witch -?


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