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My name is Ana O. Call me FB. I’m around twenty years old. I’ve been working on Witches of the North for a little over ten years, though the version you see here has been under construction since 2009-’10. It was previously published on Blogger but after some revisions I moved it here. There’s also a prologue posted on Wattpad, but for various reasons I will not use that platform for the rest of the work.

I also have a couple of short stories over on gumroad!

In my past time, except writing and drawing, I like to watch various series and eat lemony foods.

If you wish to contact me, you can use the following methods:

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Special thanks go to anyone else who has ever let me talk to them about the plot, the characters, has edited parts for me, given me pointers and has taken interest in this work so far and onward!

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